Replacement Bag for Crossbow H-21

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Replacement Bag for Crossbow H-21

This is a replacement bag for the Crossbow H-21.

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    Good (+), But Not Great

    Posted by Scott G on Jul 2nd 2016

    I have the Crossbow 21 Hurricane Bag Target. It's performance is what I expect...a little above average from a target costing a little above average. Probably 4,000 plus shots from a Matthew's Halon (72 lbs.) with 466 grain GT Kenetic Pierce with field points. I've shot all around the bag, even using a sharpie to add additional "bulls eyes" and started burring my fletchings occasionally at around 3,500 shots. I routinely stomp out the fill material to repack the "thin" spots. I also had to replace one of the corner grommets in the original cover at around 1,000 shots. All this is what I would expect. However, my experience doesn't quite match up to what's claimed in the videos. I did buy a replacement bag to extend the life of the target. I've replaced several bags on other targets. All came with instructions, staples, and/or zip ties for closing up. I was very disappointed that the Hurricane Replacement Bag came with nothing. An email to the contact address did get me their recommendation to staple the bag shut, which I expected. However, the vast majority of folks don't have the type of staples used originally, and the heavy duty staple gun staples don't curl back on themselves out of a gun like the original bag staples would by even using a pliers in insert. That to me was a bit below what I expected.